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" Salam dear! They are so good and yes I nak beli lagi!
Easy to carry with me wherever I go. Nak singgah masjid I takyah bawak mini facial wash. Takut tumpah. "

- Adlin

" It’s one of the best product I’ve ever used for makeup remover. Waterproof eyeliner pun hilang. The wipes are really good. "

- Indah

" Babe! I suka giler! It leaves my face so lembut and not berminyak! You tunggu nanti I nak order lagi. "

- Zanna

" Salam sis. I brought the wipes to office today. The wipes are very good and smooth. Gentle on skin and easy to remove my foundation before Sholat. And oh yes smell lovely!! "

- Nura

" I like the Feminine wipes very much. It’s very convenient and refreshing, macam baby wipes gitu. "

- Suhaila

Nō. 1 Morning Tea

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