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Imaan Family Wipes


šŸ’Ž You can mix all wipes for sets/boxes. Please indicate the name and quantity of wipes beforeĀ checkout under ā€œSpecial Instructions for sellerā€.

Imaan Family wipes very well used for:

ā€¢ WhenĀ nursing or feeding the children,

ā€¢ Changing diapers of babies, when children vomits and others.

ā€¢ Activities outside the home with family (travel, leisure, school and sports)

ā€¢ To cleanse and refresh the skin (dirt, sweat and grime)

ā€¢ To get rid of body odor (as deodorant)

ā€¢ To care for the sick and disabled

ā€¢ Keep breastfeeding mothers feeling fresh

ā€¢ Cleaning of children's toys, furniture and others.


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