Imaan Feminine Wipes

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Imaan Suci Feminine Wipes.

Specially designed to wipe away odour causing bacteria.

Quick, Discreet way to freshen up when you are on the go.

1. Providing freshness and Protection for your Intimate Zone.

2. It's On the go cleansing

3. Feel.. Cleanse.. Refresh.. Protect.. Confident Anytime ... Anywhere!

4. Outside or At home or even on vacation

5. Use as often as you like

6. It is super convenient

7. Lightweight and Affordable

8. Alcohol free and hypoallergenic

9. Great for sensitive skin

10. Gentle formulas will not irritate skin

11. Help relieve itchiness and eliminate odours

12. Feel refresh even during period

13. Easily fits into your purse or bag

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