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Imaan Jardin Cushion Foundation


Imaan Jardin cushion foundation.

A foundation that is suitable for almost all skin types and colors. 1 tone suits most skin tone. It is not only a foundation that gives you that glowing and flawless look. It gives you full coverage without the need of concealer.

• Acts as a healing agent

• SPF 50++

• Long lasting till 8 hours++

• Contains Vitamin E & Argan Oil

• Lightens the skin

• Beautify the skin

• Moisturize dry skin

• Reduces pimples

• Prevent from acne

• Prevent from sunburn

• Eliminate blackheads

• Prevent from dull and dark skin

• Fades scars and pigmentation

• Minimize pores

• Gives a younger looking skin

• Remove and fades freckles

• Reduces wrinkles and aging lines

• Gives a radiant skin

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